Why High School Internships are Beneficial: Personally and Professionally

1) They help you delve deeper into your interests

As a high school student myself, I know the stress of being indecisive. It’s okay to not know what you want to do and what you want to pursue in the future. However, to eventually figure this out, the best thing to do is gain different experiences. High school courses are a good start to figuring out your interests, but real-life work experiences really showcase how different occupations truly are. Internships, overall, help you obtain a better view of what your personal occupational interests, and disinterests, are.

2) They help you network

When you are partaking in an internship, or even a job, there are typically many others that you will share a common interest with, and this common interest will typically be relating to the field of work that you are in. Although you may share that one common interest with your colleagues, the benefits of internships is that everyone that surrounds you has a different set of skills and experiences. These various skills and experiences are something that you as an individual can learn from. Additionally, working with new people who have the same possible career interests as you allows you to have future connections in this same field of work. You may ask these same colleagues later for a job reference, or for job recommendations, or even just for tips/tricks relating to something particular in the field.

3) They let you obtain hands-on experiences

Just like many other high school students, I also learn the best by physically doing something. Typical high school classes consist of mainly auditory and visual learning. Although this type of learning is also helpful, hands-on experiential learning has its own benefits. These experiences allow you to be more engaged and more excited about what you are learning. These experiences are more catered to your specific interests, as you are not required to learn everything, but rather only what appears to be beneficial to you. Overall, internships provide experiences that a high school student typically would not have while sitting in a classroom.


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