Networking is Key

As a high school student myself, I know how difficult it is for the youth to go out and meet new people. It can be nerve-wracking to go out and talk to someone you may not know, but it can be very beneficial. Networking is crucial nowadays as connecting with people both online and in person can help boost your professional life and status.


1) Networking can help you get a head start in developing connection

Connections and knowing people is key when you go out into the real world. Knowing people can help you get better opportunities in your respective field and those people can help you gain more knowledge about certain topics. It’s always good to have a network around you, as this network can help you gain both professional and person advice/knowledge.

2) The people you meet can help you learn more about your interests

If you start networking with people who are more experienced than you, it is likely that they will have lots of advice to share. Especially if you network with those who are involved in the same career field as you, they will most likely be willing to share advice and give you more insight about your interests and that career field.

3) It can help you find people who can relate to your experiences

Networking can not only help you find people who can provide knowledge on topics that you are not aware of, but it can also help you find people that could end up being your closest friends. You can find people with similar experiences to you, allowing you to talk and express your thoughts easily with this new network that you have developed.



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