Benefits of Having a LinkedIn as a Youth

1) It works as a resume

When you apply to jobs or internships, especially as a youth, your brand is your name. Typically, as teenagers, we don’t have much experience, so one of the most important things that describe us are our names. The internet is a magical place. Within a few minutes, a multitude of information can be found about YOU by the employers. LinkedIn is a well-known, credible website that is one of the first searches that appears when someone’s name is entered into Google. LinkedIn can serve as a resume and a record of connections for the employers. Rather than being limited to a 1-2 page limit that a normal resume typed on Microsoft Word would be, you practically have an unlimited amount of space with a LinkedIn.


2) It can help you make connections

LinkedIn is not just a site to promote and showcase your personal brand, but it is also a place where you can look at and connect with others who are showcasing themselves and their brands. You can connect with people you have already met, which can lead to connections with those you have not personally met. You can connect with employers, people with the same interests, or even teachers/professors. It is a good way to network and get your name out to any dream companies/connections.


3) It helps boost your college/job applications

To keep this short and sweet, having a LinkedIn can really enhance how others see you professionally. It can act as a way for employers or admissions officers to get to know even more about you and your accomplishments. More importantly, unlike social media platforms, a LinkedIn account showcases you professionally. It can make you seem more responsible, professional, and committed.


4) It can help you find jobs/internships that may interest you

Going back to the fact that LinkedIn can help you make connections, having a LinkedIn can help you build a professional network around you. This professional network could primarily consist of companies that interest you. By looking at your connections, LinkedIn actually can recommend jobs/internships that it thinks will interest you. You can actually even apply to some jobs through LinkedIn. Therefore, your LinkedIn page essentially becomes your application!


5) It helps showcase your professionalism 

This relates back to the LinkedIn helping boost your college/job applications point. Having a LinkedIn not only makes you seem professional, but it makes it seem like you are serious about your career/education. It is a rare sight for employers to see the youth acting so professionally and so serious about their future aspirations. A LinkedIn enhances the fact that you are interested in specific fields and about your professional life, in general.


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